KaOS Mirror and Torrent

This is just a quick announcement and a way for me to kill two birds with one stone; I upgraded the underlying engine for this blog — now running on version 0.9.0 and with a changed design. As it seems, it is working fine. I cannot find any particular issues.
I was expecting at least some sort of issue, as the version jump from 0.7.7 to 0.9.0 is like asking for a problem. But no, it's working okay!

Now as for KaOS:
I have been providing this project with a mirror since about 5 months now. I try to do this for most projects which I enjoy; I give back in one way or another.
I've also created a torrent and I will keep on doing that as new releases are rolled out. The torrent for the 2016.07 ISO can be found at the below address:

That's all for now.