I have a new favourite terminal which I discovered by chance and it is called Tillix[1] (formerly Terminix). It is nothing but a joy to work with and it saves me a lot of extra work space since it supports what the name suggests; tiling. A lot of other useful features too, of course — with some font and colour tweaking there's nothing that can beat it. In my modest view, that is to say.
I've been using it furiously since I discovered it just one week ago from today. The project is not even a year old itself — and me being used to Xshell (whinejews only, unfortunately), the ordinary GNOME terminal and XTerm for the most part, and was satisfied with those options, I didn't exactly go around looking for any alternatives. But here I am and can't say nothing but good things about it.
I'll attach a screenshot of my current work space where I am working on some custom 40x pages for my git server; nothing fancy; they're just simple HTML pages indicating that people are not welcome to prod around on that domain/server. I'll attach an example of what it would look like if somebody ‘unwanted’ were to pay the git server a visit... 😅
I'll also include a screenshot of the custom 404 page which is practically identical to the 403 page. Why waste time on things which people will pay very little attention to, anyway? It doesn't always pay to be original or clever when it comes to things such as these.

Tillix with five opened SSH sessions

A rudimentary 404 page for my git server

I will actually spare you the 403 page since it is practically identical with different wording and with different ‘instructions’ for how to avoid getting yourself into such a situation 😂

That is all for now. I highly recommend you all to check out this project. And should you know of one which you think I'd like, then by all means contact me! You can always reach me on my IRC network:

The round-robin for k0nslIRC is irc.k0nsl.org (SSL on 6697), or you can also opt-in by using this fancy webIRC client.

Have a great Sunday, friends.


[1] Tillix is an advanced GTK3 tiling terminal emulator that follows the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines.