My spam database

I have decided to create my own curated database of spammers due to the fact that I throughly detest spam and spammers. This database may be used by anyone and there may be some value to my database as it will be somewhat unique -- primarily because I collect the data for my database from services which are entirely operated by myself; I do not appropriate data from any third-party sources.

I wrote this on LET — only slightly modified in order to correct some grammatical mistakes:

Thanks. I deal with very little spam, but just one spammer is enough to get me up and going and frothing by the mouth -- so my initial question to you spurred me to create my own repository where I will maintain a manually curated database of spammers, as I encounter them, on services operated by myself.

I am not sure if there would be any value to such a database for anyone but myself. Well, at the moment there clearly is no value since it is practically empty anyway. I will begin filling it with entries starting from today and I will probably include a raw list with just the offender IP address and one blackhole list for easy inclusion.

The repository is available here:

My source for the spammers are 99% e-mail based spam and I check them all by hand along with sending a cute little abuse report to the host, before committing them to my database. As I say, this database will not include any data from other services -- it will only be containing samples/spam from services that I am controlling and with that it should hopefully be quite unique, at least in that respect ;)

That's all, goys.

[UPDATE: I have spawned a basic site for the spammer database at the following address:]